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GrooveKart Was Made For Print-on-Demand and Drop-Shipping with All These Platforms Built Right In. We Make It Easy To Find Hot Selling Products!

Simply Better.
Simply Easier to use.
Simply More Affordable.

eCommerce. Yeah, We Made it Better.

GrooveKart™  has more powerful standard features than the leading platforms at one insanely low price.  No confusing feature grids. Buy today and get all the powerful platinum features. Now that's easy, right?

Of course we have all the features any platform should have. You can sell your products with variants like size and colors, you can have categories, powerful reporting, analytics intelligence, customer look up, powerful shipping features, powerful Free Native apps, a built in support desk,  customize your look and feel, and our world class support.

You get our high converting check-out template, urgency timers, scarcity , social proof, reviews, funnels, upsells, downsells, bumps, retargeting, analytics, and so much more.

 "I searched far and wide for an eCommerce platform that was powerful yet affordable. Nothing compared to GrooveKart."

Brad Costanzo
Founder, CEO — Bacon Wrapped Business

We Made it Easier.

GrooveKart's user interface is so easy even beginners are absolutely loving it. 

Fire your tech support team. No web developers needed. We are a true plug and play solution.

We Made it Affordable.

Pay us once for and get a whole year of GrooveKart's powerful features for less than you would pay each month for the competitors starter plan. 

GrooveKart saves you money, then makes you money! No other platform can make that promise.

Taking Payments is Easy

Your choice of payment gateways. GrooveKart never charges you a fee per transaction like the leading platform. No Hidden Fees!

Accept Payments on Your Terms!

Giving you choices and flexibility is what GrooveKart is all about. 

Accept payments from the worlds leading merchant platforms like GroovePay and

We never understand why the competition charges you fees when you bring your own merchant account. Isn't that what your monthly subscription is for? At GrooveKart we don't nickel and dime you so the dollars can take care of themselves.

Easy to connect. Just get a Free PayPal or Stripe account with their low fees. We never charge a fee on top of their fees like the competition. Your profits is our main reason for making GrooveKart.

Let GroovePay handle your merchant account for the lowest rates around.

Take Payments From Around The World Using...


PayPal is one of the faster, safer ways to send money, make an online payment, receive money or set up a merchant account. Millions of people worldwide have an account.


Stripe is one of the best software platforms for running an eCommerce business. They handle billions of dollars every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

GroovePay +

Get your own merchant account with GroovePay or bring your account and let Authorize.Net or our gateway provide payment processing  that allows you to accept credit card and e-check payments online.

We Made it Convert Better.

We don't bloat our software with features for the sake of features. Our founders are world-class eCommerce experts and we designed your stores to maximize conversions.

No Coding Needed

Our users love GrooveKart because they just click and sell. We are marketing experts and bring the knowledge to the platform so you don't have to worry about staying up to date on the latest trends. If it works, GrooveKart has it.

Make more sales.

You don't have to do anything. It just works. Upload your products, let us do the rest. Need products to sell? Don't worry we got you covered with our done for you business solutions.

designed for mobile and desktop

Today, most advertising is scene on mobile devices. So your checkout pages need tp be ready to make sales easy and compelling. Nothing works better out of the box that GrooveKart!

fastest loading pages on any platform

Speed. That's our focus. Simply, that means better conversions for you.


Increase sales by having additional must-have order options for your buyers when they clock Add-to-Cart.

Scarcity and urgency 

Countdown Timers and XX LEFT IN STOCK as well as number of people watching the page has been shown to increase conversions by as much as 25% and it is built right into GrooveKart.

Social Proof

Show recent purchases like:
JANE from INDIANA just purchased this item 3 minutes ago.

These features are costly or not available with other platforms. They come standard with GrooveKart.

Pre transaction Upsells

Purchased together frequently. Show related product bundles at checkout. This is a great way to increase conversions at point of sale.

Related Items Pre and Post checkout

You see this on Amazon. People who bought this also bought this. With Groovekart we have that built in pre and post check out for 1-click up-sells.

Same page checkout

With extensive testing we now know that buyers don't like multiple pages when checking out on a mobile device. So with our same page checkout optin, you will make more sales and have happier buyers.

Reviews under yoUR control

You're not out of business over night because of one hard to please customer. With GrooveKart the Review App actually helps you make money. 



We tap into Google's world-class infrastructure and robust set of solutions to build, operate, and grow your business in today's competitive environment

  • Fastset page load times.
  • Visitors hate slow loading pages so they leave and that costs you money.
  • Self Hosted Wordpress Blog platforms like Woo Commerce run off of your own server, not the cloud. Page load times will be slower and this will cost you money in the end.
  • Your product got on Oprah, Shark Tank, Ellen, or QVC? No worries, you site will load as fast for 1 Visitor as it does for 1 Million.

Make the Switch!


to your new

with the click of a button

We make it easy to make the switch from Shopify. Just enter your credentials and then chose what products and categories you want in your GrooveKart store and click a button. In just minutes you'll have your store imported. We guarantee better sales, conversions, and satisfaction with GrooveKart over Shopify or your money back.

Shopify charges you MORE for LESS. They also take up to 2% of your sales on top of their monthly fee. Does that seem fair? We don't think so. The average successful Shopify user is also paying hundreds of dollars a month for 3rd party APPS that come FREE and STANDARD with GrooveKart. With GrooveKart you can pay under $42 a month for what may cost you over $500 a month with Shopify. Everyone's making the switch. You should too.


"I'm making the switch from Shopify to GrooveKart and I couldn't be happier. I am saving money and converting better. Great Job!"

Frank Salinas
eCommerce Educator and Marketer

Of course it has 1-Click Upsells!

Yeah, we got you!

Works right out of the gate!

No expensive 3rd party apps. Just turn it on and watch your profits soar!

1-Click upsells have been proven to increase profits by as high as 35% at checkout.

You can add unlimited upsells and we never charge you a penny for this technology!

Custom Domains

With Custom Domains you can use GrooveKart with your own brand and domain. All you need is your own domain.

Instead of:

you can have

Store Designer

You get full control of your home page, navigation, and colors with our fully featured store designer.

You get to have your own custom look and feel. Button colors, Home Page feature items and more.

More flexibility means your store will never look like anyone else's.  No other platform makes it as easy. 

Coupons and Discounts

Want to give limited time coupons for price or percentage off? It's easy!

Maybe you want to run a promotion by: product, category, tag, or your entire store?

Just enter the discount information, expiration date and with a few clicks you're all set. Coupons can increase conversion at checkout by as much as 35%.

So many Darn cool features

Not only do we have everything you would expect in a world-class e-commerce shopping-cart platform, we built in things you pay other company dearly for. Help-Desk to manage your customers? We have that. Want to add TEAM MEMBERS but don't want to give the keys to the castle? We have that too.
Yep, we are just better and just too darn affordable.
Get started today before we get smart and start charging more.


Sell anywhere in the world. Different Currencies are not a problem.


Robust Shipping Managment and Fulfillment built right-in.


We partnered with FTC GUARDIAN so your pages come with legal compliance built in. Yep we paid for that so you don't have to.

GrooveKart Studio™

Drag-N-Drop Storeless Page Builder!

Revolutionary Drag and Drop Builder

Finally! A Powerful Store Builder for eCommerce

eCommerce has two faces. When you are selling a lot of items with different categories, sizes, and colors, you want to use GrooveKart's regular eCommerce Store.

But when you are selling items that need more direct marketing copy like a Drone or a weight-loss supplement, you want to use a Storeless-Page. This very website was created with GrooveKart Studio™

When you look at, all of their pages are built feature rich. Only when you click buy are you sent over to the store. No other eCommerce solution offers you both Storeless eCommerce and Storefront eCommerce like GrooveKart does.

Just add a product button or embed checkout pages and then do your up-sells and down-sells and more. When done send your user to a thank you page or back to your store. We have hundreds of eCommerce focused templates for your store.

450 Pre Made Blocks. Just Drag and Drop

Image 1

Pages, Funnels, and complete Sites.

GrooveKart Studio™ is a complete solution.

GrooveKart Studio™ is exciting and brand new. We have hundreds of eCommerce Templates and Blocks to easily build your store. 

Easily create Storeless eCommerce pages, Advertorials, Bridge Pages, Checkout Pages, Upsell Pages, Thank You Pages and more in minutes... not days. 

No more need for expensive designers, coders, web technicians, or developers. GrooveKart Studio makes it easy, fast, and fun. And it's included free during the Grand Opening.  

Image 1

 "When my clients ask me for an eCommerce shopping cart solution I will be sending them to GrooveKart. It has so many brilliant marketing tools built in that none of the other cart solutions even offer... and if they do offer them, you get charged to death with monthly add-on fee's. 

I love that GrooveKart was built by marketers, for marketers."

Rob Burns
Founder, CEO -

GrooveKart Studio™


Premier Product Design Tool

Focus on things you love.

Save time finding design templates, clip-arts & images online. GrooveKart Studio has all of them.

Impress your site visitors.

Better designs means more sales and better conversions.

Allow your customer to design pre or post checkout.

The studio is also customer facing so they can design their own apparel, size,  color. Then we add it to your store for a 1 off check out and  and send it off to our printers.

Print One-Off custom items and get volume prices. 

We have all the printing and shipping done for you automatically in the background.

Image 1

GrooveKArt Studio™ Product Design Tool

Set up your design editor in minutes and give the best experience for your customers.

Online Rescources

20000+ cliparts online from favorite stocks such as Pixabay, Openclipart, and social accounts.

Mobile & tablet supported

Users just design on their devices then place the order on your website from anywhere.

95+ languages translation

Translate languages easily with powerful API. Support RTL languages with one click to turn on.

Multiple Apparel Items

GrooveKart Studio supports many kinds of products for printing. Easily design brochures, banners, shirts...

Built In Printing and Shipping

Nothing to do. Just Design and Sell. Our partners handle the printing and shipping for you.

800+ Google fonts

Supported by Google. You can add custom font file to your system quickly via the Fonts Manager.

GrooveKart Studio™

Drag-N-Drop Storeless Page Builder available now!

LayerApp™ by GrooveKart Studio™

Image 1

Add Custom Layers

GrooveKart Studio's™ LayerApp™ is our own Exclusive Technology

No other platform can allow you to drag patterns on to apparel for 1-off printing.

Hundreds Of Hot Selling DEsigns Included

Mens, Womens, and Kids  Sneakers, High Tops. Bowling Shoes, Socks, Tote Bags, Pillows, Flip Flops, Back Packs, Canvas and Leather Boots, Womens High Heels, and more...

Creative Designs

Choose from our patterns and just add to your store. 


Follow our PSD Mockups and have your own designs custom made by you or a designer and sell exclusive items.

No inventory

Items are printed when you make a sale. You never lay out any money upfront for inventory. Sell at a profit and pay when item is shipped.

Automatic Drop shipping

GrooveKart really makes it easy to have unique products that are in high demand. You look like a massive store. We automate everything on the back end from printing to shipping.


No Inventory. Automated Drop shipping. Just Make Sales and Instantly Profit.

Print On Demand Services Built-In

Low Prices. Top Quality Apparel. World Class Printers. Fastest Fulfillment.

We spent months finding the perfect printing partner to work with GrooveKart. When it came to quality, value, and service we knew Teescape was the best partner to work with. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Over 500 pre made templates in dozens of categories. Plus 100 Free Premium Quality Designs included. 

Professional Printing & FulFillment

The Custom Teescape™ Fulfillment Integration is designed to give you full control of your fulfillment service, with quality brands at the lowest prices in the industry for print on demand.


We prevent product-related delays and can assure shipping in 2-4 business days.


Teescape use only Kornit Avalanche printers to produce the finest-quality images possible that won't wash out of the shirts.


The Teescape staff of support technicians and software engineers are always available to help by phone or email.

The Best Quality Printing at the lowest Prices. All Built Right in.

GrooveKart has built in integration with Teescape. All you do is get a free account with them. Add items to your store and mark them up. You only pay when you make a sale. The profit is yours to keep. Mark it up any amount you like, and TeeScape will ship if after your are paid.

Fully-Automated, Monitored System

Teescapes' several years we have developed and use a state-of-the-art, fully-automated, paperless system, from the minute your order is submitted, until it ships out the door.  This assures the fastest processing and superb handling of every order.  While being fully-automated, it’s also managed and monitored by our team of engineers to make sure that everything continues to flow smoothly.  This all means that your orders can’t get lost or fall through the cracks.

Triple Quality Control

In at least three places throughout the production of your shirts, a human being checks each shirt against the original artwork preview to make sure that the right artwork is printed on the right shirt, the print is of the highest quality, and everything looks the way it should.  Most problems are caught and corrected before the shirt ever leaves on its way to your customer.

Managed Artwork Processing and Preparation

With some fulfillment companies, you upload an artwork file, and they send it on to a third-party printing company as it is, hoping it gets printed correctly.  The Teescape Fulfillment App in GrooveKart takes full control of sizing and positioning your artwork on every garment to make it look the best it can.







Choose from over 43 different pre-made top quality supplements all made under the strictest quality control right here in the USA.

Skin Care, Weight Loss, Women's Health, Men's Health, Testosterone Boosters, Energy, Creatine, Protein Powders, General Health, Vitamins, Minerals, Oils, and yes... even Pet Health.


GrooveKart wants you to focus on sales and profits. That's why we bring so many print on demand solutions built in.


Add to your store with our Free GrooveDrop drop-shipping App with 1-Click


Same day shipping with your own brand and inserts for marketing.


Keep your cash flow intact. Only pay low-price whole sale after you collect the retail amount and the product is shipped. 


A marketplace with easy access awesome products at wholesale prices to sell online at retail prices.
Available now!

GK Ali-Connect™

Millions of Products with Automated Drop Shipping.

Find virtually unlimited amounts of affordable products and low wholesale prices for your GrooveKart store in minutes.

GK Ali-Connect is easy. Browse and find products, then simply click a button to add the item to your store. Shipping is then sent directly to your customers all hands off. No inventory, No risk. Just Profits!

Image 1

Free Native Apps Built In

GrooveKart does not believe that customers should be forced to pay extra for Third-party apps that should be included in the first place. We thinks it's a bit Greedify if you ask us. That's why we have so many Native apps built in for free!

Import Your Shopify Store

Just enter your credentials and click a button and we will import all your products, prices, decriptions and varients with the click of a button.


Built-in premium design suite. Drag-N-Drop page builder. Go Storeless. T-Shirt Designer and more. Coming Soon!


More from GrooveKart Studio. Layer App allows you to make custom prints and patterns on any type of apparel. Even high heel shoes!

Built-in Profit engines

Print on Demand Merchandise and Health and Beauty Supplements!

tracking pixels

Track to your hearts content with Facebook, Google, or custom tracking Pixels.

Built-in Shipping App

No need for better shipping. We have the BEST shipping app built right in.


We integrate with Rontar to allow you the best ROI when a visitor comes to your store and leaves. (Coming Soon.)

One-CLick Upsells

We make it easy. No coding needed. It just works so you profit more!

Simulated Coupon Finder

We simulate the Honey coupon finder for your visitors to give them the coupon.

Simulated Wheel Prize

Another app that is known to convert. We built in in.

CHatra Integration.

Live chat software that helps to increase revenue and collect feedback providing an easy way for website owners to talk to visitors in real time.

Social Proof Pop Ups

Increase your customer call to action by having recently purchased items pop up at the bottom left of their screen.

countdown timers

Create an incentive to buy with a stock availability countdown timer on your product item page.

Stock UNIT Countdown

Create an incentive to buy with a customizable product countdown timer. Set the stock countdown to any time within a 24 hour period.

Show Live Views

Create excitement to buy with an active counter of people watching your product!

GK AliConnect

Choose any product from AliExpress website and add it with images, descriptions and details to your GK store in few clicks

Related Products

Display related products to your check out page to increase your Kart sales.

Pre-Transaction Upsell

Add orders at checkout. This feature is coming coon.

Zapier Integration

Need even more. Sometimes that is the case so we allow you to use the worlds best and easiest app to app connection platform with GrookeKart.

Mailchimp Integration

Dynamic MailChip integration to allow you to insert items they recently viewed in your follow up emails. Other email platforms also being added.



Image 1

Make it easy for your customers

Your customers will sometimes need support and the first place they come to is your store. Your support link on your site will link to a built in ticket system for you to communicate with your customers and keep track of the conversations and updates. Happier customers means less refunds. Other shopping cart platforms make you pay extra for this. Requires you to use your own domain name.


Have some pre-sales questions? Give these a try.

"I've been looking for an E-commerce solution and found Groovekart to be the easiest, most powerful, most flexible, and most affordable solution for all of my needs. The best value bar none. I'm a customer for life."

Kevin L'heureux
Brand New Entrepreneur



Yes! We offer a full 30 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee! If GrooveKart isn’t everything we say it is and more, simply contact our support team for a prompt and courteous refund.

Also all of the bonus training and live events are yours to keep, just for trying us out. You have no risk and nothing to lose.

Get started today!

The GrooveKart Founders

Mike Filsaime

Co-Founder and CEO
Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur

Mike was the co-founder of companies such as Kartra, WebinarJam , EverWebinar, and Marketers Cruise. Mike has launched and sold many multi-million dollar brands and the companies he has founded have done over $75 Million in Revenue. No one knows creating and launching quality Software Brands better than Mike Filsaime.

John Cornetta

Co-Founder and President
e-Commerce Expert

John's eCommerce stores do 6-figures per month. John's expertise in the needs of a superior platform made it possible for GrooveKart to not only compete with Shopify but to do it better, easier, and more affordable. John also teaches eCommerce and his teachings will be part of GrooveKart to create an unmatched solution.

Matt Serralta

Co-Founder and COO/CTO
e-Commerce Pioneer

Matt, the Architect of GrooveKart, has more than 10 years of senior and executive-level management experience in executive operations, sales, P&L, and the field of e-commerce. Former COO of  Prestashop as well as former consultant for Office Depot. Matt Brings years of e-commerce marketing and development experience to GrooveKart.